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About First Projects

About First Projects

Our Goals

To be the primary real estate partner for investors seeking attractive investment returns and investing in real estate lands to achieve high financial returns and maintain organized and efficient capital, supported by excellent relationships with investors. Managing conservative funds with a focus on liquidity and flexibility. We continue to partner with investors to support access to growth capital. We strive to achieve the highest returns for investors while preserving the public interest

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Life Style

Trust and Quality

Our Work

With its profound experience that exceeds 10 years in the Saudi market.

First Projects Company offers an effective business model.

Real Estate Development
Design: A detailed preliminary construction plan: Project management and focus on costs, quality standards, and sales: through the marketing and sales team.
Investment in land
Owning lands in strategic places with a vision for the direction of urban development. Adding value to the lands through infrastructure and planning works.
Property Management
Maintaining customers through dealing with them with utmost care and respect, and providing high quality products to various tenants while ensuring and confirming the implementation of regular maintenance plans to maintain the property.

Our Mission

To contribute to creating a creative residential and commercial environment that meets the evolving aspirations of society and enhances the advancement of the individual.

Our Vision

Leadership in keeping pace with the acceleration in real estate environment requirements through integrated and sustainable creative solutions.

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