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To be the real estate partner of choice for investors looking for attractive investment returns. Investing in real estate lands to achieve high financial returns, and maintain organized and efficient capital backed by excellent relationships with investors. Conservative money management with focus on liquidity and flexibility. Continue to partner with investors to support access to growth capital. We strive to achieve the highest returns for investors while maintaining the public interest

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How do we work ?

For more than 10 years, with its deep experience in the Saudi market,

First Projects Company provides an effective business model.

The First Projects Company is a leading company in the development of urban complexes: residential, commercial, or office. After owning plots of land in high-end and lively areas allocated for development purposes, it begins with in-depth studies and innovation of designs
Landholding in strategic locations and high-growth areas. Creating an added value to owned land with infrastructural work and planning permission.
The property management in the First Projects Company is characterized by its tireless pursuit and its complete and permanent keenness to create a safe environment, as it is keen on preventive maintenance services, and also provides the necessary services in emergency cases, guarding and cleaning services, and is also specialized in the complete management of projects for facilities.

Our Mission

To innovate residential complexes and commercial environments that meet the aspirations of the developing Saudi society, thus ensuring long-term financial benefits for our investors.

Our Vision

Strengthening our position in the Kingdom as the best real estate developer that provides pioneering and innovative real estate solutions

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