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Our Services

Our Services

Real Estate Development

First Projects Company is one of the leading companies

 in developing urban communities “residential, commercial, and office” after owning plots of land

 in upscale and lively areas designated for development purposes.

 We start with in-depth studies and design innovation, then

implement through project management, with a focus on controlling costs and maintaining quality standards.

Property Management

The property management at First Projects Company is distinguished by its tireless efforts and its complete and constant concern to create a safe environment, as it is keen on preventive maintenance services and also provides the necessary services in emergency situations, guarding and cleaning services, and specializes in the entire management of facility projects.


We have a proven track record of success in the rental process, as this service is provided with great professionalism, through careful dealing with customers and tenants, and its team is very familiar with internal controls that reduce errors and contribute to avoiding problems, within a specific time frame.

Investment in Land

Owning land in strategic locations and high-growth areas, and creating added value to the owned land with infrastructure work and a planning permit.


Clarity and transparency are among the most important principles that our specialized team adheres to, and we take into account gaining the trust of our customers first to finalize the sale transaction.

After sales

We believe that we are life journey partners, accordingly we assist our customers through after-sales services in order to gain their trust and reduce their burdens. This is done after we supervise the delivery of the real estate unit by a specialized team and maintain constant follow-up of any services or repairs throughout the warranty period.

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